Onesize Insert

Onesize Insert

The obvious insert to use for the Easy Cover is the WeeCare Onesize Insert which is easily snapped into the cover with a button in each end.

The onesize insert fits in both sizes of the Easy Covers and consists of naturally absorbing materials. The insert consists of four layers of absorbent hemp fabric (a mixture of 55 % hemp and 45 % organic cotton), topped with the softest bamboo velour (55 % bamboo viscose, 25 % organic cotton and 20 % polyester), which is touching the baby’s skin.


Very soft bamboo next to baby’s skin


Leg gussets


Hemp and organic cotton inside

The bamboo fabric, which touches the baby’s skin, has a touch of stay-dry effect. This means that it does not feel as wet as, for example, pure cotton would. And if you want an optimal stay-dry effect, then we recommend to use a fleece liner.

On the back of the onesize insert there is waterproof PUL fabric which protects the cover so it does not get easily wet. In this way, the cover can be used again (if it has not become too wet or dirty) with a clean insert.

The onesize insert is open in the middle in order to allow air to flow through when it is hanging to dry, so that it can dry faster than compared to if all the layers of fabric were sewn together all around the edge.

The insert has leakage barriers on the sides made of soft micro fleece fabric, thereby helping to keep poop and pee better inside the insert and likewise to help protecting the cover from getting wet or dirty.

The WeeCare Easy diaper

All In One or All In Two

You can choose between using the WeeCare Easy Diaper as a AI2 model (All In Two), where the onesize insert is substituted with a clean insert every time you change diaper; or as an AIO diaper (All In One), where the insert is buttoned together with the Easy Cover at all times, also during washing procedures.

Let’s go green!

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