WeeCare diapers

We have created the softest cloth diapers with great attention to the details. And we have used high-quality, sustainable and natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Furthermore, the cloth diapers are designed so that they have a good fit for most children, while at the same time having an elegant design. We do not compromise on function or quality, which is why you at WeeCare get a cloth diaper that easily can replace the disposable diaper.

Our best-selling product is the WeeCare Easy Diaper Cover paired with a onesize insert.

Moderne stofbleer fra WeeCare - Blå ble på baby

“After two days of use, my daughters bum went from violent red to almost normal. Thank you!””

Marie Klitgaard

We have everything you need in order to get started with cloth diapers: pail liners and on-the-go wetbags, extra inserts for more absorbency and disposable liners to handle the poop easily — and much more. Our many accessories will significantly ease your daily life so you can spend more time being present with your child. Also, be sure to check out our guide to “What do I need? / Shopping list“.

You can be completely safe, it’s not that hard.

Let’s go green!

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  • Wetbag en vandtæt pose til opbevaring af stofbleer, stofklude eller stofbind.


  • Lanolinsalve-WeeCare-tør-hud-ødelagt-hud

    WeeCare Lanolin Ointment 50 mL

  • Grå stofrondeller som kan vaskes og bruges igen. Genanvendelige.

    Organic cotton rounds – 8 pieces

  • Indlaeg til moderne stofbleer-Onesize-Insert-WeeCare

    Onesize Insert

  • Mini Wetbag

  • StofKlude WeeCare

    Cloth Wipes, 10 pc – Sakura – Dusty Blue



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