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4 ingredients

All 4 ingredients in our WeeCare Lanolin Ointment are of the highest quality that is available on the market, and each single one of them has wonderful and healthy abilities.

Lanolin — anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Organic coconut oil — softens the skin

Organic olive oil — adds moisture to the skin

Organic beeswax — protects the skin


Lanolin is the fat that is produced in the sheep’s skin and thus is found in the sheep’s wool in order to make it self-cleaning and water-repellent. Actually, lanolin is that kind of fat which most closely resembles human skin fat; this is the reason why it is very effective in helping our skin’s natural healing process, and lanolin is quickly absorbed by the skin. The self-cleaning and antibacterial effect of lanolin is extremely important in connection with the healing of damaged skin, to prevent bacteria from developing, and infection of the skin. The lanolin in WeeCare Lanolinsalve thus prevents inflammatory conditions in the skin which is always a risk when the skin barrier is broken, as in the case of small wounds, rifts, insect bites or other forms of damaged skin.

The lanolin used in WeeCare Lanolin Ointment is purified and of very high quality (pharmaceutical grade). Moreover, the lanolin is washed out of the wool after it is cut from the sheep, which is why it is a by-product of the wool industry.

Our lanolin comes from Belgium.

Organic coconut oil

The certified organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil found in WeeCare Lanolin Ointment nourishes and protects the skin and leaves it silky smooth and supple! And the sweet fragrance of coconut can be sensed when you smell to the WeeCare Lanolin Ointment.

The coconut oil is made in Germany.

Organic olive oil

The best quality of certified organic olive oil is used in our lanolin ointment.

It is a delicious virgin olive oil with a mild fragrance that can be sensed when you smell to the ointment.

The olive oil is a “fat” vegetable oil that adds plenty of moisture to the skin.

The olive oil is produced in France.

Organic beeswax

Beeswax is a natural and pure product that bees themselves produce by collecting wax from different trees and plants.

Beeswax works protective by forming a coherent natural barrier on the skin where external factors have difficulty penetrating. The beeswax used in WeeCare Lanolin Ointment comes from certified organic honey production and is manufactured according to the regulations of organic food.

The beeswax is produced in Germany.

100 % natural skincare!

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