Detergent – which kind?

Detergent – which kind?

WeeCare recommends detergent with enzymes for cloth diapers. Most of the normal detergent contains enzymes but detergent for wool and delicates does not. Moreover, detergent in the form of powder is preferable because the enzymes are better..

In order to avoid perfume allergy, we recommend that you use a detergent without added perfumes. You should also use detergent for colored clothes to avoid any bleach.

Detergent meant for wool does not contain enzymes, and is not recommended for washing the WeeCare cloth diapers.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend to use the detergent from the brand Neutral, as it seems to contain something that destroys the waterproof parts of our diapers and accessories.

We do not recommend to use vinegar or any other fabric softener when washing your WeeCare cloth diapers (it can destroy the absorbing parts of the diaper). But you can use calcium remover in order to avoid to much calcium accumulation in the diapers.

Please also read our simple guide for cloth diaper laundry to get a good washing routine from the beginning.

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  • Wetbag en vandtæt pose til opbevaring af stofbleer, stofklude eller stofbind.


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    WeeCare Lanolin Ointment 50 mL

  • Grå stofrondeller som kan vaskes og bruges igen. Genanvendelige.

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    Onesize Insert

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