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My name is Caroline,I come from Denmark, and I love cloth diapers!

I started developing cloth diapers when my smallest child was newborn and I have sincethen started WeeCare. The advantage of cloth diapers is that they contain no harmful chemicals, you save the environment for huge amounts of waste and last but not least, it is also good for the wallet.

I only have positive things to say about cloth diapers. I know many people have a barrier to getting started and especially the handling of the diapers, but for me it is mostly about being prepared for the benefits and recognizing that there is, of course, a bit more work in switching to cloth diapers – perhaps mostly in the mind – because once you have got a routine and have become accustomed to the thought, it is not at all as bad as you might think.

I have tried to give the WeeCare diapers the best possible absorbtion and with the wetbags that can be included in each wash, the washing and handling process is also easy. If you organize yourself properly, you have virtually no contact with the diapers after they have been added to the pailliner (where you store the dirty diapers).

At the same time, I have also developed a skin care product that is great for repairing damaged skin! WeeCare Lanolinsalve contains 100 % natural ingredients and can be used for anything from hands, lips, baby noses, tender nipples, mosquito bites, craftsman hands and more. I used it myself for my baby as a barrier cream , especially at night, as there is beeswax in which puts a protective layer on the skin so that the skin is not in “direct” contact with the wet diaper. In this way it also works preventively.

I hope you will use modern cloth diapers to help you, your child and nature. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone +45 22 72 46 93 or send an email to info@weecare.dk. If you need to label and see the cloth diapers before investing in them, you are welcome to visit us in Værløse (Denmark) by appointment.

Caroline Heller

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