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My name is Caroline and I am a mother of two and I love creating alternatives to disposable products because I believe that together we can make a difference to the environment by consuming more responsibly.

I started developing cloth diapers when my son was little and I felt that there was lacking a good, sustainable alternative in the market to the destructive disposable diapers. Therefore, I found my sewing machine and started to develop modern cloth diapers. This initiated my exciting journey which has since become the start-up of my sustainable company WeeCare. After three years, and a lot of work, we today have several beautiful, reusable products ranging from cloth diapers to panty liners – and much more.

All my products are created with a focus on both sustainability and ecology as well as on comfort and quality. These keywords do not have to conflict with each other: you can actually live better and healthier at the same time. The materials I use in my products are, for example, bamboo and hemp because they are fast-growing and require far less energy to produce, and, for example, organic cotton because it is grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides, which frequently are used in conventional cotton production. So, you can safely use my products without having to worry about such things.

Furthermore, at WeeCare we believe it is very important that people — just like nature — are treated properly. We therefore have a clear agreement with the factory in China that sew our products: their employees must be treated with respect, have a fair salary, and of course get their rightful holiday, etc. The factory has guaranteed us that they will respect this, so you can rest assured that the cloth products you buy from us are sewed under dignified and decent conditions.

For me, there is nothing but positive things to say about cloth diapers. For example, you can save the environment from two tons of waste simply by choosing my cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers (and of course you also save the environment from a lot of waste by using my other products). Still, I know many have a barrier in getting started and especially with the handling of the cloth diapers. But for me it is mostly about being attuned to the benefits and recognizing that there is a bit of work when you go over to using cloth diapers, though perhaps mostly in the mind. Because once you have established a good routine and become accustomed to it, it is not even that difficult.

I also create personal skincare products. And a few years ago, I developed our lanolin ointment which is amazing against dry skin during the winter; soon it dawned on me that it was also great to use when breastfeeding or on red baby buts. The ointment contains only 100 % natural ingredients and is 100 % Danish produced, and it can also be used for hands, lips, mosquito bites, etc. I used it myself for my second child as a but ointment, especially for the night, as there is beeswax in it that puts a protective layer on the skin so that it is not in “direct” contact with the wet diaper. Thus, it also works preventative.

I hope you will embark on using modern, eco-friendly products that will help you, your child and nature alike. If you have any questions, you can contact me on phone +45 53 32 13 83 or write an email to me at info@weecare.dk. And if you need to feel and see the products in real life before investing in them, you are of course very welcome to visit us in Værløse, Denmark, after appointment.

Caroline Heller


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  • Wetbag en vandtæt pose til opbevaring af stofbleer, stofklude eller stofbind.


  • Lanolinsalve-WeeCare-tør-hud-ødelagt-hud

    WeeCare Lanolin Ointment 50 mL

  • Grå stofrondeller som kan vaskes og bruges igen. Genanvendelige.

    Organic cotton rounds – 8 pieces

  • Indlaeg til moderne stofbleer-Onesize-Insert-WeeCare

    Onesize Insert

  • Mini Wetbag

  • StofKlude WeeCare

    Cloth Wipes, 10 pc – Sakura – Dusty Blue

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