You must NEVER…

The following points can all be damaging to our products, especially for the waterproof parts in diapers and wetbags.

We therefore advise against:

  • Storing the dirty WeeCare diapers in a bucket with water — they need to be stored as dry as possible
  • Letting the dirty diapers be stored for longer than four days before they are washed
  • Washing the WeeCare products at higher temperatures than 60°c.
  • Tumble drying the WeeCare diapers
  • Sun drying the WeeCare products with waterproof fabric if the temperature is higher than 25°c.
  • Using vinegar or other fabric softeners when washing your WeeCare diapers
  • Using detergent of the brand Neutral

These rules must be followed in order to take as good care of your WeeCare products as possible

If these rules are not followed, the warranty will waive.

Also read our simple guide on how to wash cloth diapers and learn how you wash them the best way. It is not as hard as you may think!

Let’s go green!

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  • Wetbag-til-tur-moderne-stofbleer-vaskepose-WeeCare

    Wetbag (for trips)

  • Lanolinsalve-amning-saar-paa-brystvorter-WeeCare

    WeeCare Lanolin Ointment 50 mL

  • Genanvendelige-trusseindlaeg-WeeCare

    Panty Liner – Infinity – Dusty Blue/Midnight Blue

  • Indlaeg til moderne stofbleer-Onesize-Insert-WeeCare

    Onesize Insert

  • Vaskeklude-Trigo-Woodrose-WeeCare

    Cloth Wipes, 10 pc – Trigo – Woodrose

  • Vaskeklude-Dots-Midnight-Blue-WeeCare

    Cloth Wipes, 10 pc – Dots – Midnight Blue

  • Vaskeklude-Dots-Dusty-Blue-WeeCare

    Cloth Wipes, 10 pc – Dots – Dusty Blue

  • Cloth wipes-Alli-Powder-Rose-Ginger-Red-WeeCare

    Cloth Wipes, 10 pc – Alli – Powder Rose/Ginger Red




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