All In One or All In Two?

All In One or All In Two?

You can choose to use the WeeCare Easy diaper as an AI2 model (All In Two), where primarily the onesize insert is substituted when changing the diaper; or as an AIO diaper (All In One), where both the insert and the easy cover is renewed at every change.

WeeCare Easy as AI2

When you choose to use WeeCare Easy as a two part system, you can save both money and laundry.

That is because you use two (or more) inserts per. Easy cover.

When changing the diaper it is considered whether the Easy cover needs to be changed. If the cover is not wet or dirty, it can be used again with a clean insert. The cover can be reused as many times as you think, and it is an assessment matter.

Every time you change the diaper you decide whether to change the whole diaper or only the insert. How many times you can use the diaper shell before it needs to be washed, will depend on how often you change the diaper, and how much your baby pees poops, and that can also change as the child grows.

We recommend that you start out with twice as many inserts as diaper covers, so you have two inserts for every cover. You can always buy more inserts.

The AIO solution is recommended if you need a diaper that is super easy to use – and reminds the most of a disposable diaper.

So you save both money and laundry, and an AI2 diaper stash does not fill up much space in the changing area either.

WeeCare Easy as AIO

If you want to use the WeeCare Easy diaper as an AIO diaper, you simply let the onesize insert be snapped together with the Easy cover at all times – also during washing procedures.
The two parts will mostly remain buttoned together throughout the procedure – they can however be knocked apart when the washing machine is spinning, but most often it will only be one end and the cover will still be buttoned together at the other end and the diaper will be easy to assemble again.
This way you do not have to disassemble the diaper, and you do not need to put inserts and covers together after they have finished washing and drying – they are simply ready to use again as soon as they are all dry.

With this AIO solution you should not think about having to assemble diapers after washing, because they are all ready. This solution can thus ease the workflow when you use cloth diapers for your child.

If you choose to use the WeeCare Easy diaper as an AIO solution, be sure to have as many easy covers as onesize inserts. Read if necessary, the section about how many diapers we recommend.

We recommend the AIO solution for those parents who would like an easy-to-use cloth diaper that reminds the most of a disposable diaper.

Tip for linedrying your WeeCare cloth diapers

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