All In One or All In Two?

All In One or All In Two?

You can choose to use the WeeCare Easy diaper as an AI2 model (All In Two), where the onesize insert is substituted with a clean insert every time you change the diaper; or as an AIO diaper (All In One), where the insert and the easy cover are buttoned together all the time also when being washed and dried.

WeeCare Easy as an AI2 diaper

If you choose to use WeeCare Easy as a “two-part” system, you can save both money and reduce your amount of laundry.

Normally you are going to use two (or more) inserts for each cover. When you are changing the diaper, simply notice if the Easy Cover is wet or dirty and needs to be changed. If the cover is not too wet or dirty then it can be used again with a clean insert. The cover can be reused as many times as you find proper, so, yes, it is a matter of judgement on your behalf. There is a huge difference in how much babies pee and it can change when the child grows, and of course it also depends on the parents judgement of when they would want to change the cover. So you must try it out and find the right way to do it your family. As always: if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help 🙂

WeeCare Easy as an AIO diaper

If you want to use the WeeCare Easy Diaper as an AIO diaper, you simply let the onesize insert be snapped/buttoned together with the Easy Cover all the time — also during washing procedures: the two parts will mostly remain buttoned together throughout the procedure, but they can sometimes be knocked apart when the washing machine is spinning around. However, most often it will only be one of the ends and the cover will still be buttoned together in the other end, and the diaper is easy to assemble again.

With this AIO solution you do not have to disassemble the diaper before washing, and you do not even need to put inserts and covers together after they have finished washing and drying – they are simply ready to be used again as soon as they are dry. Hence this solution can ease the workflow when using cloth diapers for your child.

If you choose to use the WeeCare Easy Diaper as an AIO solution, be sure to have as many easy covers as onesize inserts. Read, if necessary, the section what do I need / shopping list.

We recommend the AIO solution to those parents who would like an easy to use cloth diaper that resembles a disposable diaper the most (without having the negative consequences of using a disposable diaper).

We recommend the AI2 solution to those parents who would like to save money and cut down on their amount of laundry. An AI2 solution also takes less space in the bag when you are going out and on the changing table.



Your WeeCare Easy Covers can hang to try while they are still buttoned together with the onesize insert. Then you don’t need to assemble them later – it’s already done! 🙂

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