WeeCare Easy Cover

WeeCare Easy Cover

WeeCare Easy is a waterproof cover that is parred with an absorbent insert to form a complete diaper. The Easy Cover comes in two sizes: medium which is usable from ca. 5 to 8 kg and large from ca. 8 kg upwards — until the child no longer uses diaper.

The kilo instructions are only to be taken as indicative as all children are different in proportion and some children will, for example, go up to size large before reaching the 8 kg, whereas other children will only be able to fit large when they are heavier than 8 kg. Often it is the thickness of the thighs that determines when the child should move up a size.

The WeeCare Easy diaper

The difference between the two sizes is mainly in the length of the diaper (fully unfolded) and circumference (around the stomach). The reason why the WeeCare Easy Cover comes in different sizes and is not onesize, is to give each child a diaper with a really good fit without having too much excess fabric, which can happen when a onesize diaper is buttoned in for the sake of reducing the size.

In short, you get a diaper that fits your child’s size optimally without any unnecessary fabric sitting and clumping together, thereby avoiding making your baby’s butt even larger than it needs to be with a cloth diaper.

Thus the WeeCare Easy Diaper is not bulky (compared to other diapers). The size will vary slightly depending on which insert you choose to put in the Easy Cover (the onesize insert is the most obvious, but prefolds can also be used).

WeeCare Easy Cover – sizes (Danish text)

Materials in the WeeCare Easy Cover

The Easy Cover consists of two layers of fabric. The outer layer is 100 % organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified. It is the outer cotton fabric that makes our diaper special and together with its Nordic and minimalist expression, it distinguishes itself significantly from the other cloth diapers on the market.

On the inside layer of the Easy Cover there is waterproof PUL (Polyurethane laminate) fabric, making the diaper 100 % waterproof. The PUL fabric has 2 sides: On one side there is the lamination, a glossy, smooth, thin and very flexible plastic lamination, and on the other side, there is soft polyester fabric.

In the Easy Cover, the soft jersey fabric is facing inside the diaper and the lamination is thus hidden and protected between cotton on one side and polyester jersey on the other side. This design has the advantage that the smooth lamination is protected and thus not so exposed to rifts or other damage, and the plastic lamination will never be able to touch your baby’s skin.

WeeCare Easy Cover have invisible seams at the leg opening, thereby ensuring that the diaper is 100 % waterproof.

Additionally, the easy cover has soft fleece fabric along the back of the diaper, making the diaper feel soft for the child to wear, and furthermore ensures that the elastic edge on the back does not bother the child.


Soft fleece fabric at the back


Waterproof PUL fabric inside


Cotton fabric outside

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