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The WeeCare Easy Cloth Diaper

WeeCare is a Danish cloth diaper brand and WeeCare Easy is the best selling product at WeeCare.

The obvious insert to use for the easy cover is the WeeCare Onesize Insert, which is easily snapped into the cover with a button in each end.

Here, the WeeCare Easy diaper is presented in details.

The Easy Cover

WeeCare Easy is a waterproof cover that is paired with an absorbent insert to complete the diaper. The Easy Cover comes in two sizes, where medium covers 6-10 kg and large covers from 10 kg and upwards – until the child becomes diaper free.

The kilo instructions are indicative, since all children are different in proportions and some children will, fit a size large before they hit the 10 kg, where other children will only be able to fit large when they are heavier than the 10 kg. Often, the thigh thickness determines when the child should raise a size.

The WeeCare Easy diaper

The difference between the two sizes of covers is mainly in the length of the diaper (fully folded out) and the circumference (around the stomach).

The reason why WeeCare Easy diaper covers come in sizes and are not onesize, is to give the individual child a diaper with a really good fit, without having too much excess fabric, as there may be when a onesize diaper cover is buttoned into size.

With WeeCare Easy you simply get a diaper that fits perfectly to the size of your baby, without the need for unnecessary fabric clumps that make the baby bum even bigger than it needs to be with a cloth diaper.

The WeeCare Easy diaper is a slim fitted diaper, but the size may vary slightly depending on which absorbent insert you choose to put inside the cover. (WeeCare Onesize Insert is the most obvious, but the WeeCare Prefold can also be used).

WeeCare Easy Cover – sizes (Danish text)

Materials in the WeeCare Easy Cover

The WeeCare Easy Cover consists of two layers of fabric. On the outer layer is 100 % cotton, which is Danish designed and Oeko-Tex certified. It is the outer cotton fabric that makes the diaper special, and with its Nordic and minimalist expression, it distinguishes itself significantly from other cloth diapers on the market.

On the inside layer of the Easy cover is waterproof fabric of PUL (Poly Eurathane Laminate), which makes the diaper 100 % waterproof. The actual PUL fabric has 2 sides: On one side there is the lamination, which is a glossy, smooth, thin and very flexible plastic lamination.

On the other side, it has soft polyester fabric. In the Easy cover, the soft jersey fabric is faced inside the diaper and the lamination is thus hidden and protected between cotton on one side and polyester jersey on the other side. This constellation has the advantage that the smooth lamination is protected and thus not so exposed to e.g tears or other damage, and the plastic lamination will never touch the baby’s skin.

WeeCare Easy Cover has invisible seams at the leg opening to ensure the diaper is 100% waterproof.

In addition, the cover has soft micro fleece fabric along the back of the diaper, which makes the diaper feel soft for the child to wear and for the elastic edge in the back to not bother the child.


Soft fleece fabric at the back


Waterproof PUL fabric inside


Cotton fabric outside

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