Avoid harmful chemestry 24/7

Save 2 tons of waste
per child

Save up to 3,7500 EUR per child

The skin can

How to wash cloth diapers

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What to do with the poop?

Read everything you need to know about poop in cloth diapers! – It is not as bad as you might think

What are the customers saying?

”Give cloth diapers 14 days and you will love them!”
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How many diapers do I need?

Read about the part time package, full time package and test package her.

Many advantages of using modern cloth diapers

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Free from endocrine disrupters
  • The skin can breathe
  • Lower temperature in the diaper
  • Yoy can use them night and day
  • Sustainability
  • Saving the environmental impact
  • Less waste
  • Diaper free faster
  • Saving money

A few disadvantages

  • You need to get a new routine washing cloth diapers
  • You need to wash 2-3 loads of cloth diapers per week

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“WeeCare bleer som er dejlig bløde, suger godt, sidder perfekt og fylder minimalt på babynumsen, så der er optimal bevægelsesfrihed! Og så i de fineste design! Allerbedste anbefalinger herfra!”

Julie Barkou

Disadvantages for disposable diapers

Disposable diapers can cause respiratory problems and asthma-like symptoms due to the chemical release from the disposable diaper.

In many disposable diapers you will find perfumes, lotions, bleaches and endocrine disrupters, which can lead to eczema, allergy and poor fertility in adulthood.

Cloth diapers do not contain any of these things, and even provide better breathability, which has a positive effect on your baby’s skin relative to diaper rash, or skin irritation.

Diaper rashes are rarely seen in children using cloth diapers.

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