Take good care of your WeeCare cloth diapers

Take good care of your WeeCare cloth diapers

To provide your WeeCare products with as long a longevity as possible, we recommend that you follow the tips below:

You can do this…

  • Store the dirty WeeCare diapers in a liner placed in a diaper pail. It is good for the diapers and easy to handle.
  • Wash the cloth diapers every 2.-3. day, or at least every 4th day (no later than this).
  • Wash WeeCare diapers at maximun 60°c.
  • Hang your diapers to dry outside in direct sunlight, if the temperature is not higher that 25°c.
  • Use calcium remover if you wash your diapers with hard water.
  • Use normal detergent with enzymes for colored cloth (except for the brand Neutral — see here why).
  • Pat yourself on the shoulder every time you use a cloth diaper for your child — nature is thanking you!

Please be aware of the things you must NEVER do with the WeeCare cloth diapers.

Take a green step today

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  • Uld blebuks naturfarvet fra WeeCare

    Wool Pull-On Diaper Cover

  • Wetbag en vandtæt pose til opbevaring af stofbleer, stofklude eller stofbind.


  • Lanolinsalve-WeeCare-tør-hud-ødelagt-hud

    WeeCare Lanolin Ointment 50 mL

  • Grå stofrondeller som kan vaskes og bruges igen. Genanvendelige.

    Organic cotton rounds – 8 pieces




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