WeeCare Soft (newborn diaper)

WeeCare Soft for newborns

A fitted cloth diaper

WeeCare Soft is what is normally called a “fitted” diaper. It means that the diaper has no waterproof layer built in and therefore needs a cover in order to be waterproof. Some parents use our Easy Cover around the WeeCare Soft Diaper, but we recommend using a pair of lanolin treated wool diaper pants.


A bamboo diaper

WeeCare Soft is a bamboo diaper. This means that it consists mainly of bamboo fibers which is a sustainable material and also very soft and absorbent. The bamboo fabric used in WeeCare Soft is bamboo velour and it is extremely soft! It consists of 55 % bamboo fibers, 25 % cotton and 20 % polyester. The 20 % polyester makes the fabric strong despite its thinness. And the bamboo fabric does not feel as wet against the skin as, for example, pure cotton does.

A pocket diaper and perfect for newborns!

WeeCare Soft is, besides being a fitted diaper, also a pocket diaper. It has a pocket hole on the back where you can place the absorbent insert. We have chosen to make the WeeCare Soft as a pocket diaper because the pocket system gives your child the smallest possible edges against the skin. So, with WeeCare Soft your child only has the softest bamboo velour touching the skin and no rough edges from the insert can irritate the skin. This makes it especially perfect for newborns which are, as you know, initially small and fragile and therefore easily gets red marks on the skin. In other words, WeeCare Soft is the best you can put on your newborn child!

With a pair of thin wool diaper “pants” as a cover, you have a cloth diaper solution that is 100 % breathable because the wool cover constitute the waterproof layer instead of a more typical waterproof plastic layer.

Wool diaper covers

A wool diaper cover works amazingly with fitted diapers. This kind of cover can contain liquid well if it has gone through a lanolin treatment. Many would perhaps choose not to use wool since it needs special washing treatment. And yes it does take a little more effort to learn how to wash it properly, but, on the other hand, wool does not need to be washed very often since it is self-cleaning. It should only be washed if the pee smell does not go away after the wool has hung to dry (preferably in the fresh air), or if there has come poop on it.

Moreover, WeeCare Soft has great rubber bands i both leg and back and therefore contain the poop very well.

If you know how to knit — or if you know someone who does — you can make wool covers yourself. Just be sure to use 100 % pure wool that has not gone through any superwash treatment. Here is a good knitting recipe for wool diaper covers.

WeeCare Soft – perfect for your newborn

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