How to store dirty cloth diapers

How to store dirty cloth diapers

Used diapers in the diaper pail

The used diapers should be stored in a diaper pail with a thightly closed lid. It is recommended to add a liner (waterproof and washable bag) in the diaper pail. This will make it easy to throw the entire bag with the diapers into the washing machine, without having to touch the dirty diapers.

Remember that the dirty diapers need not to soak in water before they are washed, it is better for them to be stored as dry as possible.

Recommendation for the diaper pail

For the storage of the dirty diapers,”Knodd” eller ”Filur” buckets from IKEA can easily be used as diaper pails, and our WeeCare Pail Liner fits perfectly in both. Choose size 40-45 L for the buckets (this matches the space available in a normal washing machine).

The “Filur” bucket is convenient if you want to be able to place a diaper in the diaper pail with only one hand.


Storing the dirty diapers when you go out

When you are outside the house and away from the diaper pail, you can easily bring with you a small wetbag. This enables you to store 4-6 cloth diapers until you are back home again.

The small wetbag is closed with a zipper, thereby keeping all smell inside the bag. And when you are back home, you simply place the wetbag with diapers in the pail liner.


Rinsing/flushing the diapers before washing?

It is not necessary to rinse the diapers with water before you place them in the pail liner, and we do not recommend it. Only make sure to remove any stool from the diaper before they are put in the pail. Read more at “What to do with the stool”.


It can sometimes smell from the diaper pail when the lid is off. So keep the lid closed and it will only smell in the diaper pail, not in the room 🙂

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