How to treat new cloth diapers

How to treat new cloth diapers

Before you start using your new cloth diapers, it is recommended that you “prep” them. This means using a preparation method for the diapers which enables them to absorb more from the very beginning. Maybe you can recall a dishtowel that cannot properly absorb water when drying your plates and so on? If, however, you “prep” the dishtowel’s fabric before you wash it for the first time, it will absorb liquid far better. In the same way, you can improve the diaper’s absorption ability. See more below.

Prepping guide — before the diapers are put into use

1) Let the diaper insert soak
Take all the absorbent parts from your diaper “kit” and let them soak in cold water for 12 to 24 hours (before they are washed in a washing machine for the first time).

This applies for inserts, prefolds, boosters, cloth wipes and fitted diapers (WeeCare Soft). In short, everything you want to gain the highest possible absorbtion capacity.

2) Wash it all in the washing machine
It is a good idea to choose a soft/mild wash at 30 or 40°c. This is because there are no serious bacteria to eliminate but instead only natural bacteria (which can be washed away easily).

And, by the way, we recommend that you wash everything before first use, including diaper covers, wetbags and so on, but since these are not absorbing parts, they do not need to soak in advance.

3) Hang everything to dry
Once everything is completely dry, it is ready to use.

Now you have properly “prepped” your diapers so they can absorb a lot from the very beginning. But keep in mind that the absorping parts will reach their full potential only after they have been washed several times.

All you now need to do is just getting started with using the diapers on your child — so that they can be washed even more!

Let’s go green!

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