What to do with the poop

There are three different poop-phases and three different scenarios of handling your diapers with poop:

1) Milk poop (when the baby is only consuming milk)

2) Transitional poop (the phase in between milk poop and solid poop)

2) Solid poop (when the baby is eating solid food)

1) Milk poop

When you have a baby that is not yet eating solid food, it is really easy to handle the diapers with poop! Because you do not need to do anything different from if you were changing a diaper with pee or a disposable diaper – except from the fact that you put the dirty cloth diaper in a pail liner instead of throwing it in the bin. This means that you do not have to remove anything from the diaper before it goes in the pail liner to be stored until it is going in the washing machine.

When you are ready to wash the diapers, you simply transport pail liner with the diapers to the washing machine, as it all goes in there together – you do not even have to take the dirty diapers out of the pail liner – they will come out themselves during washing.

Run a prewash which will rinse the milk poop away, and then wash at 60°c.

​Really easy!

​2) Transitional poop

The consistency of the poop will change when your baby starts eating solid food, and it is no longer water-soluble. Now you will need to remove the poop from the diaper before putting it in the pail liner. It is not as bad as it might sound 🙂

​Here are some tricks to make it a little easier to handle:

At first it is a good idea to finish changing your baby first. The diaper can wait! So clean your baby and do everything that you would normally do and the take care of the diaper while your baby is ready to wait in a safe place.

There are some different types of thin liners that you can choose to put on top – next to baby’s skin, to make it easier to remove the poop from the diaper.

​- A fleece liner is good to catch the poo, and it easily comes off as well, because the fleece liner is made from non-absorbing material (polyester). It is easy to take the fleece liner out and simply hold it down in the toilet while flushing. After all poo is gone (stains are OK), simply store it in the pail liner until washing.

​- A liner of paper has the same shape and function as the fleece liner, but you just throw it out in the bin when there is poo. A paper liner is made from natural materials such as bamboo or rice, and they are biodegradable.

– A method to use for removing poo from a diaper when you are not using fleece liners is to simply hold the insert, or the whole diaper down in the toilet and flush to rinse the diaper. All poo needs to come off, but stains are OK. You can also use some toilet paper to wipe off the poo or you can use the shower head to rinse the diaper, if it is close to your toilet.

​3) Solid poop

When your child is eating solid food the consistency of the poop will change to be more solid, and you will most of the time be able to tip the poop down the toilet or use same methods as with transitional poop.

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