How to treat new cloth diapers

Before you start using your new diapers, it is recommended to prep them. This means letting them go through a treatment which will let the diapers absorb more from the beginning. Maybe you can recall a towel that cannot absorb water even though it has been washed a hundred times? If you prep the fabric before you wash it the first time, it will absorb more from the beginning.

Prepping guide

1) Let diaper inserts soak.
Take all the absorbent parts from your diaper kit, and let them soak in cold water for 12-24 hours. This counts for inserts, prefolds, boosters, cloth wipes and fitted diapers (WeeCare Soft). – Everything that you want to have the highest absorbtion as possible.
2) Wash them in the washing machine.
You can choose to do a cold wash at 30 or 40°c to lower the invironmental impact. In this case you do not have any serious bacteria to kill.
We recommend that you wash everything before first use, also diaper shells, wetbags and so on – they just do not need to soak.
3) Hang everything to dry.
Once everything is completely dry, it is ready to use.
Now you have done everything you could to properly prep your diapers so they can absorb a lot from the beginning. The absorption will increase a little more within the next 10-20 washes.

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