Drying cloth diapers

Hang your cloth diapers to dry! If possible outside in the fresh air a place where it is windy. You can advantageously hang them to dry in direct sunlight for naturally bleaching of stains. In very hot weather conditions (25-30°c), it is recommended NOT to hang the diapers/accessories with waterproof function to dry in direct sun, as strong heat can ruin the waterproof PUL fabric, which will loose the waterproof function. This counts for the WeeCare Easy covers, wetbags, pail liners and onesize inserts.

You can tumble dry your WeeCare products, but it is not recommended, as the products will not last as long. It is not good for the invironment either to use the tumble dryer.

Also read WeeCares simple guide for cloth diaper laundry.

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