Breastfeeding nipples

During the first days with a newborn baby, breastfeeding is being established. Breastfeeding is super important for the small child’s health and well-being and for the connection between mother and child.

The establishment of breastfeeding is, however, not always easy, and challenges may arise. The nipples can become sore and they may get damaged and get sores on them, which can really hurt when the baby is nursing! Therefore, you will be happy to have WeeCare Lanolin Ointment at your fingertips in the first time after giving birth. WeeCare Lanolin Ointment is especially good to use when breastfeeding and especially if there are nipple wounds. The ointment keeps the skin moist so that no scab is formed, which can otherwise hurt when the baby is nursing, because the scab is torn off the skin and the healing process thus starts again. When the skin is kept moist, no scab is formed and the skin can rest completely and it will hurt less when the baby is breastfed again next time. In addition, WeeCare Lanolin Ointment has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity, which helps to inhibit inflammatory conditions so that infection does not occur in the wound.

Apply a thick layer of ointment directly to the nipple after breastfeeding. Allow the skin to air dry before applying the ointment. Use nursing pads that are gentle to the skin – e.g. WeeCare Nursing Pads which has really soft bamboo against the skin.

You do not need to remove WeeCare Lanolin Ointment from the nipples before breastfeeding – the ointment is 100 % natural and contains no synthetic chemistry or harmful substances.

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